Roar Blue Dream

Strain: Blue Dream B3

Time of use: Morning, afternoon, and late night

Suggested Pairings: Work, creative projects, running errands, outdoor activities, public speaking, weddings, parties, networking, festivals


Roar Blue Dream

Confident • Motivated • Focused

Seize the day with Roar! Roar is an energizing stimulant and is great for daytime use or late nights when you want to lift your mood, boost your confidence, and get your body moving. Roar is ideal for those just dipping their feet into the world of cannabis, but it also works as a level effect for “cannoisseurs”. Either way, Roar eases you into a calm euphoria. Roar gets you motivated, out of your shell, and clear-headed with the ability to focus on the task at hand and achieve your goals. The CBD and CBN levels reach ~2% and ~1% respectively. Use Roar to get through artist’s block and complete creative projects. Or if you’re just looking for a mood boost, enjoy Roar to help your worries melt away. Roar will make you feel happy to be alive.


Roar’s aroma will leave you awestruck with its terpene profile’s fresh and sweet blueberry explosion.


The flavor matches the aroma: fruity and sweet, with hints of vanilla and earth.


Roar is a brightly colored flower with yellow and orange pistils, rich blue undertones, and a frosty outer layer. The buds are large, dense-yet-fluffy, and popcorn-shaped. These flowers are dusted with a fine layer of sandy, milky-white trichomes and sweet, sticky resin.


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