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Welcome to Aura SF

Elevate your experience

Aura dials up the saturation on the colors of life, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. Think dreamy sunlit afternoons with friends, deeply relaxing evenings snuggled up on the couch, stimulating creativity sessions, and healing meditative practices. Aura makes you better at what you do best. Aura is your life, enhanced.

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Creative • Energetic • Happy

Blaze opens the mind and boosts focus to promote innovative thinking and original work.

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Confident • Motivated • Focused

Roar gives you the energy, motivation, and focus to get stuff done.

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Harmony • Connection • Balanced

Flare breaks down walls and puts you in a comfortable, relaxed headspace for socializing.

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Tranquil • Peaceful • Calm

Cosmic relaxes body and mind for a balanced, peaceful experience.

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Our Mission

We believe that cannabis can be used as a means to enhance your day-to-day. Our meticulously grown strains are inspired by the women who inspire us. Each strain is designed to be effective and enjoyable, and to personalize your experience to suit your individual goals. The effects are precise and integrated, designed to give you a pleasant boost in the direction of your choice. Use Aura as a level-up to make you better at what you do best or as a restorative tool to help you achieve balance. Whichever you prefer, unleashing Aura adds magic to your life.

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Elevate your experience

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