The incubation process maximizes quality and ensures that our plants are vigorous, disease-free, pest-free, and high yielding. We use cloning to preserve and repeat the characteristics of strong, healthy plants. Plus, cloning guarantees a flowering female plant every time!

Aura growers take optimal plant tissue cuttings from the Mother plants, these are then prepared using our proprietary cloning process. Once the preparation is completed, they are dipped into a clone-specific nutrient solution and placed into a tray with a growing medium. These trays, with the baby plants, are placed in a comfortable environment that is warm and humid to help accelerate the regeneration process. Simply put we cuddle the heck out of our babies. When the plants reach a height of about six inches, we transfer them to another medium to aid in strengthening them to ensure they are on the path to growing up into healthy teens and then eventually into healthy female flowering plants.


The gardening staff customizes each strain’s growing environment for each phase of the flowering cycle to ensure that the plants grow tall, strong, and healthy. Healthy plants provide the buds with an opportunity to maximize their potential to produce better quality and higher yields.

To do this, we use an LED lighting system that provides a tailored spectrum of light for cannabis flowering. Paired with additional CO2 and controlled humidity, this allows for freer CO2 transpiration for the plants. The plants are grown using a proprietary organic medium and nutrients. As part of our pest management program, the gardeners at Aura, employ beneficial bugs to reduce pests that adversely impact the growth of the plants and to mitigate the need for organic pesticides.


Growers remove the large fan leaves before beginning the harvesting process. They leave the small leaves in place to protect the trichomes and allow the buds to dry more slowly. We handle our plant extremely carefully; rough handling can cause the trichomes to fall off and that is to be always avoided at all cost.

Each plant is hung to dry for up to 14 days in a controlled environment for removing the exact amount of moisture content. Our practice is to dry slowly with air circulation to ensure an optimal balance of flavors and potency. The plants are ready when the branches and stems crack fairly readiliy, rather than snapping (too dry) or having a flexible bend (too wet).

Trimming & Curing

Trimming means manicuring the cannabis flowers or buds from the rest of the plant material. At Aura we have a dedicated team of trimmers who meticulously hand trim every flower to deliver the best product to our customers.

The curing process is the grand finale of our cultivation process and is done after all trimming has been completed. Curing brings out the flavor complexity of the flower and makes the cannabis more pleasant to smoke. During the curing process, the flowers continue to dry very slowly. Once the flowers are 85-90% dry, we seal them in airtight curing jars to cure for at least 30 additional days in a cool, dark place.


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