Flare Flower – Grape Fog G7


Harmony • Empowered• Euphoric

Product Profile

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Terpene Profile

?-Pinene 0.1194
?-Terpineol 0.1125
Caryophyllene Oxide 0.017
Linalool 0.6728
?-Caryophyllene 0.3454
TOTAL 1.2671

About This Strain

Flare Grape Fog G7 will take you on a magical journey that you’’ll want to relive over and over again. Flare will give you physical energy with a giggly lift to get you moving. The result is a balanced euphoria that helps push out negative thoughts so you can let loose and feel comfortable in social settings.


Flare Grape Fog G7 aroma is a fruit-forward mix of ripe and sweet grapes, berries, and earthy tones.


Flare Grape Fog G7 delivers a rich, fruity, and flavorful experience true to its name, with the grape and berry flavors being the most prominent.


Flare Grape Fog G7 boasts a gorgeous, eye-catching appearance with its unique combination of grape-shaped buds, vibrant orange hairs, and frosty trichome coating.

Weight 0.35 g





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