Cosmic D’ OG

Strain: DO’ G

Time of use: Winding down in the evenings, Taking it easy on a Sunday

Suggested Pairings: Netflix & chill, hot tub sessions, appreciating music, gaming


Cosmic D’ OG

Relaxing • Calm • Sleepy

Cosmic D’ OG is a potent variety that offers pain relief, and strong sedative effects, D’ OG gets you in a relaxed yet perceptive state of mind. The high starts with a euphoric boost that lifts your mood without giving you any change in energy level or motivation. Rather, you’ll be happy and heavily relaxed on the couch. You’ll be feeling sleepy and sedated as the high progresses, quickly falling into a deep sleep.


Cosmic D’ OG has dank, yet sweet gassy aromas and an earthy finish.


D’ OG is a surprisingly smooth toke, with sweet and sour flavors on the exhale, offering a multilayered flavor to complement its well-balanced effects.


D’ OG buds have a dense structure characteristic of many indica dominant varieties. D’ OG buds have purple-tinted green nugs with tiny long orange hairs glistening with crystal trichomes.


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