Blaze 100% Flower Pre-Rolls (4 x 0.6g)

Strain: Lemon Cherry Gelato L2

Time of use: Mornings or to pull a late nighter

Suggested Pairings: Brainstorming sessions, creative projects, collaborations, writing, analysis, night clubs, concerts, bars


Blaze 100% Flower Pre-Rolls (4 x 0.6g)

Creative • Energetic • Happy

Blaze is designed for an energy-boosting effect that makes it a classic “wake and bake” product which will help you get through a busy day. Crafted to stimulate unconventional thinking, Blaze is tempered by a quick and gentle elevation of euphoria. Blaze enables you to pay more attention to abstract concepts and engage in creative thinking and problem-solving. Blaze is a great option for enjoyment in both solo and social settings.


Blaze’s aroma will make you feel like you are walking through an orange grove just after the rains. The fragrance is notably orange, earthy, and minty.


Blaze has refreshing flavors of citrus and berries with an aftertaste of mint. It has an insanely delicious flavor and taste that lingers long on the palate while detecting other sweet and sour flavors


Gelato 33 is covered with fiery orange pistils while its buds can be dark green to purple. The nugs are super dense that are tight spade-shaped with a delicate structure and a thick frosty layer of tiny crystal trichomes.


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