Blaze 007

Strain: 007

Time of use: Mornings or to pull a late nighter

Suggested Pairings: Brainstorming sessions, creative projects, collaborations, writing, analysis, night clubs, concerts, bars


Blaze 007

Creative • Powerful • Restorative

Blaze is designed for an energy-boosting effect that makes it a classic “wake and bake” product that will help you get through a busy day. Crafted to stimulate unconventional thinking, Blaze is tempered by a quick and gentle elevation of euphoria. Blaze enables you to pay more attention to abstract concepts and engage in creative thinking and problem-solving. Blaze is a great option for enjoyment in both solo and social settings.


Blaze 007’s aroma is just as delightful as being in a lemon fruit stall. It has a distinct “sweet yet sour citrusy lemon” scent with notes of “earthy flowery”


Blaze 007 is characterized by a complex and layered flavor profile dominated by citrusy lemon notes, complemented by floral, herbal, earthy, and woody undertones, with a pungent and intensifying quality as you consume it. 


Blaze 007 boasts visually striking buds with a dense structure adorned with a vibrant blend of dark olive green and purple colors, accented by bright orange pistils, and blanketed in a thick, frosty trichome coating that gives the buds a shimmering, resinous look.


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