Flare 100% Flower Pre-Rolls (4 x 0.6g)

Strain: Pink Runtz P1

Time of use: Anytime you need a pick-me-up

Suggested Pairings: Happy hour, brunches, parties


Flare 100% Flower Pre-Rolls (4 x 0.6g)

Harmony • Connection • Balanced

Flare will take you on a magical journey that you’ll want to relive over and over again. Flare will give you physical energy with a giggly lift to get you moving. The result is a balanced euphoria that helps push out negative thoughts so you can let loose and feel comfortable in social settings.


Flare’s aroma is a fruit-forward mix of ripe and sweet tropical citrus, berries and earthy notes.


Flare has an uplifting flavor with notes of super sweet creamy lemon, citrusy fruit and hints of fresh vanilla.


Each pre-roll is hand-rolled in a classic straight shape with a glass tip and organic rice paper to get the smoothest and cleanest smoke possible. An elegant look and feel. Made using 100% flower and no trim, delivering balanced THC and the unique flavors of the strain while avoiding harsh flavors.


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